6 Best paint brushes for artists

A paint brush set is one of the essential tools you need for painting. If you want your painting to be smooth, blended, textured or finely edged you will not be able to achieve this without a good quality paint brush set. Whether you are a hobbyist or a seasoned artist, it is necessary to work with the best paint brushes. 

A high-quality paint brush can be defined as one that delivers clean, crisp and fine lines onto the canvas regardless of which medium of paint is being used (acrylics, water colors or oil paints).

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How to Pick the Best Paint Brushes?

There is plenty of choice in the market from different bristle types to various brands. Nevertheless, there is one main thing you should know while buying the best paint brush set. Brushes come in natural and synthetic bristles.

Natural Brushes:
They can be divided into two categories; soft hair and hog bristles. Made from sable and came hair, soft hair bristles hold less paint and are flexible which makes it suitable for blending, smoothing and filling in minute details. Alternatively, hog bristles originate from goat, ox and mongoose. They are stiff, sturdier and have the capacity to hold more paint. They are best for making bold strokes, fine edges and filling in large areas of the painting.

Synthetic Brushes:
Synthetic brushes are mostly made up of nylon or polyester. Unlike natural bristles brushes, they are not that soft and do not soak in more paint. However, they are cost-effective and easier to clean.

Now that you know this fundamental difference, let’s have a look at the best paint brush sets we have picked for you that can actually help you get started and keep you going!

Best Paint Brushes

Liquitex BASICS Paint Brush

Liquitex BASICS Paint Brush set features 6 brushes (Round 1, Round 4, Flat 2, Fan 4, Bright 3, Bright 6). They are primarily designed for Liquitex Acrylics but they can also be used with water mixable oil paints. 

These white nylon brushes have medium soft bristles. These bristles hold a good amount of paint which enables bigger strokes across the surface. When it comes to durability, these easy-to-clean brushes would last longer than you would expect. Because the easier it is to clean the brush, the better condition they would be each time you work with them.

They are low priced for good quality brushes. Beginners can rely on this paint brush set to get started since they are one of the best acrylic paint brushes beginners can use.

  • White nylon bristles
  • Medium soft bristles
  • Easy to clean
  • Low priced
  • Beginner Friendly

Princeton Real Value Brush Set

Princeton Art Brush Set contains 7 brushes (Round 2 and 4, Liner 2/0, Shader 2 and 6, Angle ¼” and Wash ¾”). They work well for acrylics, watercolors and tempera so once you buy this brush set, you wouldn’t have to buy a new one if you decide to switch painting mediums.

The bristles made up of synthetic golden taklon are held firmly by ferrules. So you wouldn’t have to worry about bristles shedding. They provide smooth application across the surface, even with water based mediums with free flowing consistency. You can paint for hours and not get tired, such is the comfort of the brush handles.

Considering the quality and versatility of this brush set, they are a steal for their price. It serves as a great beginners brush set.

  • Synthetic golden taklon bristles
  • Work well for different mediums
  • Comfortable handle
  • Suitable for beginners

Winsor & Newton Galeria Long Handle Brush

Winsor and Newton Galeria Brush Set is one of the best student grade paint brushes you can find. This set contains 5 brushes (Round 8, Flat 8, Filbert 8, Bright 8, Fan 5). They are specifically designed for acrylics.

Perfect control and responsiveness is achieved through use of a unique mix of synthetic filaments in creation of these brushes. The bristles don’t lose their shape, even when you use it for thick paint practices like impasto. Hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about bristles losing shape after a few painting sessions. 

Their price is comparatively higher than the above two sets but so is their quality. This paint brush set would be a good choice for intermediates who are looking to graduate from student grade supplies.

  • Perfect control and responsiveness
  • Bristles made from synthetic filaments
  • Bristles maintain shape
  • Suitable for intermediates

da Vinci Watercolor Paint Brush Set

da Vinci provides an extensive line up of paint brushes for different mediums. Hence, we can say Da Vinci Watercolor Paint Brush Set is one of its kind. The set is one of the best watercolor brush sets that you can work with.

These synthetic brushes hold paints well and it can be explained from their specific design. Use of thinner fibres in the middle with thicker fibres covering them from outside, the paint along with water gets absorbed. The paint retention is amplified and as a result they are optimum for working with watercolors. 

The set includes 4 brushes (Rounds sizes 1 and 10, flat size 12 and oval wash size 8). Their price might seem high, but for their speciality in delivering great results in watercolors, they are worth the money. It is a great pick for professionals who want to get their hands on the best watercolor brushes.

  • Excellent paint retentions
  • Absorbs excess water
  • Best professional brushes for watercolors

Royal and Langnickel Paint Brush Set

Royal & Langnickel Majestic Short Handle Paint Brush Set is an artist grade brush set for acrylics and watercolors. The set includes 5 brushes (wash 1”; rounds 5 and 8; angular 1/2; and script liner 1).

Made from top quality soft synthetic bristles, the brushes offer great control over brush strokes. Paint retention is excellent and given their soft bristles, they allow for smooth application of paint over different surfaces. These features help artists to create finer details with much ease. Ferrules are anodized firmly on a short wooden handle, preventing bristles from shedding as well making handling easier.

They are low priced for a professional grade brush set. Artists who want to advance from student grade brushes can use this affordable set to enter the world of professional grade brushes.

  • Great control over brush strokes
  • Excellent paint retention
  • Short wooden handles
  • Low priced for professional brushes

KINGART Golden Taklon Paint Brush Set

KingArt Golden Taklon Paint Brush is a professional grade brush set that works perfectly for most mediums(Acrylics, Watercolors and Oil Paints). The brushes are created with strict focus on every important detail required for a high quality brush.

The brushes have fine quality synthetic fibres. From being durable to excellent paint retention, the brushes ensure best performance in every sense. Timely cleaning can help extend the life of brushes and the same is the case here. They are easy to clean, hence you wouldn’t have to worry about their longevity. Moreover, they can withstand different solvents and caustic acrylics.

Their soft bristles hold their shape well and this feature makes these brushes a good option for precision painting. Shedding of bristles won’t be a problem, since they are held firmly by nickel plated ferrules. Lastly, their versatility makes them an optimum option for working with different mediums. 

Their quality and various features it offers compensates for its price. This brush set is a perfect pick for professionals. They can be labelled as one of the best oil acrylic paint brushes or even one of the best oil paint brushes.

  • Bristles made from golden taklon
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Best choice for professional brushes for acrylics, oil paints and watercolors

Whether you like painting with acrylics, or watercolors, these are some of the best paint brushes out there. We have laid all the important details you need to know about each paint brush set. We hope that this article would be helpful to you in selecting a paint brush set to work with.

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